Vadim Zendejas Global Technology Leader

Hitachi and Microsoft Milti-billion strategic alliance

Hitachi Ltd. and Microsoft Corp. announced a projected multibillion-dollar collaboration over the next three years that will accelerate social innovation with generative AI.

Very excited about the partnership with Hitachi and to being part of the transformative journey with AI. A three year multi-billion dollar strategic partnership to enhance industry solutions and enable AI across Hitachi group.

I am very proud and very happy to partner with all the Microsoft and Hitachi teams that made this possible! Looking forward to the transformation together!


Hitachi and Microsoft enter milestone agreement to accelerate business and social innovation with generative AI - Stories

Three-year, projected multibillion-dollar strategic partnership will focus on creating innovative industry solutions that deliver transformative outcomes for businesses and society Hitachi Group will embed the Microsoft cloud, Azure Open AI Service, Dynamics 365, Copilot for Microsoft 365 and GitHub Copilot into its Lumada Solutions to accelerate growth of the Lumada business, and improve productivity for […]