Vadim Zendejas Global Technology Leader

Microsoft Japan Global Connect FY24

Helping Microsoft Japanese Global customers to be successful on their ride trough the cloud.

Already two weeks since we kicked off our annual Japan Global Connect, and what an amazing week it was! Proud of all the hard work that went into organizing one of the best connects we’ve ever had. But most of all, I’m proud of the team that came together to accelerate our Japanese global business. It is a pleasure to work with one of the most talented and passionate teams in the world.

I like to reflect on the major accomplishments that the team is driving in one of the most complex businesses: with 180 countries covered, 16 time zones, and almost 1000 projects in the making, each of you makes it happen day after day!

Looking forward to a promising 2024! What a way to kick off the year.

Thank you Huma for the partnership. Juri we missed you, thanks for putting all together!

Thank you for attending the event Jan Susan Jim Michelle Rhonda Gregor Philippe Johnny Rodrigo Mohamed Victor Daniel Hiroki Hiroki Karl Mike Louise Jose Folke Charlie Matthew Sean Takashi Ajay Michael Wynand and all our Japanese friends. Thank you for helping with the amazing Japanese cultural activities Fujiko Airi Megumi And thank you for the sponsorship and support as always for the event Miki Tsusaka Nobuhiko Watanabe Nobuyoshi Yokoi Mandar Wavdé Yoji Takeuchi Tadashi Okazaki

Japan Global Connect FY24